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Rainbow Editing
March 1, 2006
Rainbow Editing by Dawn SmitIntroducing Rainbow Editing™ by Dawn Smit, a colorful new weapon in the war against sloppy writing and the eternal editing cycle. Whether it's for the fourth draft, fourteenth draft, or fortieth draft, Rainbow EditingTM helps writers find the unintentional patterns that bog down even the best writing.

Satisfaction, not pleasure, fulfills people
Dec 1, 2005
"So, which would you rather do today? Sit in front of a cozy fire, eat bon bons and read a delightfully trashy novel, or go to the office and work your buns off on a project with mind-boggling difficulties. The second choice will satisfy you more, says Dr. Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist and psychiatrist at Atlanta-based Emory University, whose research looked into the physical intricacies of human brain structure. In his new book Satisfaction: The Science of True Fulfillment, Berns explains why the brain craves the components of satisfaction — novelty and challenge — more than it does happiness and pleasure."

Wintering Well
September 26, 2005
Wintering Well, a middle grade novel by author Lea Wait Wintering Well, a middle grade novel by author Lea Wait, captures the reader's attention from the first page. It's there that we read Cassie Ames' journal entry dated August 29, 1819. The entry ends with, "I am the cause of all that happened this day. Please God, let Will live. And please, God, forgive me."

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
July 26, 2005
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"Here's what I really think of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" --Book reviewed by Claudia Putnam, YA Novelist.

Imani All Mine
July 8 2005
"A book I recommend to young adults is Imani All Mine because it teaches young girls about living a fast life." -- Lessie Thibeaux, Lafayette, Louisiana.

Notes on Uncle and Me: My Amazing Friend
July 7, 2005
"Notes on Uncle and Me: My Amazing Friend" by Willie WoffordAuthor Willie Wofford chronicles a unique relationship he had with an 82-year-old man who owned and operated a shoeshine stand in Phoenix, Arizona. He fondly called him Uncle and he addressed Wofford as Nephew. Although some of the material in the book may not be suitable for younger children, young adults and up would read how Uncle never made excuses for himself or let obstacles stop him from reaching his goals. He motivated everyone to raise the bar. It's our hope Notes on Uncle and Me will do the same for readers.

The Light of the Oracle
July 5, 2005
Victoria Hanley's booksHot off the press I received Victoria Hanley's new book, The Light of the Oracle. This is a companion to her two previous books The Seer and the Sword and The Healer's Keep. I've read and delighted in her previous titles so was anxiously anticipating its publication. I love fantasy/sci-fi and this is an exquisite read. There's something to be said about a straight forward wondrously told tale of adventure, magic, good vs evil, curses, and more!

Hear the Wind Blow [YA Novel]
October 26. 2003
Hear the Wind BlowChildren's author Meridee Jones Cecil reviews this young adult novel, "Even though I agree with the book’s “message” that war is ugly and destructive, etc., as a reader, the heavy-handed way it is delivered put me off." Hear the Wind Blow is written by award-winning author Mary Downing Hahn and is available from CCF at 25% off and free shipping.

Prairie Whispers [YA Novel]
October 20, 2003
Available from CCF at 25% off & free shipping!Children's author Meridee Jones Cecil reviews this young adult novel, "I picked this up to read after teaching my Wednesday night class, to disengage so I could get to sleep. Ha! I didn't turn the light off until after midnight and the end of the book!" Prairie Whispers is available from CCF at 25% off and free shipping.

Gilbert and Sullivan Set Me Free [YA Novel]
October 11, 2003
Available from CCF at 25% off & free shipping!Children's author Meridee Jones Cecil reviews this young adult novel and tells us, "Set in a woman's prison in the early 1900's near Boston, this story is told with great voice and fun characters." Gilbert & Sullivan Set Me Free, by Kathleen Karr, is available from CCF at 25% off and free shipping.

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