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CCF Bulletin 6:1
Volume 6, Issue 1
The idea that beauty is to be found in becoming undernourished and anorexic is debunked; a book review by a 3rd grader; free study guides and strategies; a look at a mythical creature; an ATM machine for books; blogs on writing, on Spain banning underweight models and on a Cuban eStore; companies join to offer reduced price textbooks; and a company to use when sending out electronic bulletins. Here's the CCF Bulletin with news and information posted to the CCF site:

Constant Contact: A great way to communicate!
If you sign up thru our site, Constant Contact will donate a referral fee to CCF.
Becoming a paying customer of Constant Customer via this link will donate $30 to CCF and you'll receive a $30 credit from them as well.We've been using Constant Contact and absolutely love it. Now they have a program that if anyone becomes a paying customer via the links on this page , they'll donate $30 to Children Come First and they'll also credit $30 to you as a new subscriber.

CCF Bulletin 5:2
Volume 5, Issue 2
Book reviews by middle grade students; a motivational article and blog; a review of a book written by a 101-year-old man who learned to read when he was 98; a behind-the-scene look at what literary agents do all day and a look at a TV show CCF is rooting for. Here's the CCF Bulletin with news and information posted to the CCF site.

CCF Bulletin 5:1
Volume 5, Issue 1
"Websites, Blogs, and Platform Building" by Olgy GaryThe past few months have been busy ones. I attended two excellent writers conferences, the Pikes Peak Writers Conference and the RMC-SCBWI Spring Workshop where I taught a session on, "Websites, Blogs, and Platform Building." The teaching was well received and I've been asked by our regional coordinator to schedule another session sometime this year.

CCF Bulletin 4:4
Volume 4, Issue 4
The months of October and November flew by and December is threatening to do likewise. Before it does, I wanted to touch base with you. From Editor Cheryl Klein's free eBook, to Holiday Favorites, articles on singing mice and the power of family dinner times and a review of a new book on what it really takes to find satisfaction in life we hope you'll find interesting reads at CCF. Here's the CCF Bulletin with news and information recently posted to the CCF site.

CCF Bulletin 4:3
Volume 4, Issue 3
The RMC-SCBWI Fall Conference, October 8-9, 2005, in Golden, Colorado, is just around the corner. There's still time for you to register and partake of this tremendous learning experience. We've posted fun sites under CCF Kids, from how to design printable greeting cards to reading all about the original fairy tales The Brothers Grimm collected. Here's the CCF Bulletin with news and information recently posted to the CCF site.

Web Design, Hosting and Maintenance
We can design, host and/or maintain your site
The charge of designing, hosting and maintaining a website varies, depending on what it is you're looking for. CCF will work with with you and your budget to come up with a site you'll be happy with and can afford. We offer four different website design plans, starting as low as $350. Our Standard and Premium site designs include domain name registration for one year. We'd love to hear from you and see how we can work together. Contact CCF with your website needs.

CCF Bulletin 4:2
Volume 4, Issue 2
Early registration is still available if you're planning to attend this year's RMC-SCBWI Fall Conference, October 8-9, 2005, in Golden, Colorado. There are book reviews, blogs, bestseller lists and CCF Top Picks posted to the site. There's a wonderful article, written by a high school student, on forming a successful young writers group. I've also posted to the CCF site two VoIP calling plans that are saving us lots of money here at the CCF office. Here's the CCF Bulletin with news and information recently posted to the CCF site:

Vonage: The Broadband Phone Company
If you sign up thru our site, Vonage will donate a referral fee to CCF
Vonage is a CCF Top Pick!We use Vonage at the office and love the service and savings this company provides.

Skype: Free Internet Telephony That Just Works
If you sign up thru our site, Skype will donate a referral fee to CCF.
We love using Skype both at our office and home. You download it for free and if the person you're calling has it installed in their computer you can call each other up and talk with each other for free...and the sound quality is excellent!

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