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Texbooks Available as Free Downloads
October 2, 2006
Image of textbooks courtesy of Freeload Press, Inc.Freeload Press has purchased Textbook Revolution. The companies joined forces to reduce textbook prices and bring greater services to students and other learners.

TV-Turnoff Week Kicks Off Across the Nation
April 25, 2006
TV Turnoff NetworkWASHINGTON, DC – TV-Turnoff Week 2005 kicks off today with events across the US and in several foreign countries. Write back and tell us what you plan to do this week rather than watch TV.

Edwatch by Julia Steiny: Dinner table's power
November 27, 2005
Dinner table's powerMy youngest child, a college freshman, announced that coming home for Thanksgiving would just be way more trouble than it was worth, so he'd spare us the expense and bother by staying put in his dorm. Fire alarms went off in every cell in my being. I'm delighted to have the in-laws, friends and girlfriends at my candle-lit Thanksgiving dinner table, but my three sons and their dad are the core.

How to Go to College Almost for Free
April 13, 2005
How to go to College Almost for Free is the ultimate scholarship toolbox with four essential scholarship resources--an aggressive "how-to" guide that teaches the techniques of top scholarship winners, a directory of scholarship prizes, and a library of winning essays, applications, support letters and other sample materials.

Tufts University Child & Family Web Guide
March 18, 2005
Tufts University Child & Family Web GuideTufts University has put together a wonderful resource for families to avail themselves of. The Tufts University Child & Family WebGuide provides a list of topics where previously asked questions have been answered by the appropriate expert in that field. You also have the opportunity to ask your own question if it's one not already linked to at the site. The site offers, "links to the best sites about infants, children, and teens."   Visit Website ]  Message board ] 

Hispanic Scholarship Information
Scholarship Information: Hispanics
With costs of higher education going nowhere but up every little bit of financial aid helps. We'd like to compile lists of scholarships kids and their parents might want to apply to. Here is a list of scholarship programs specifically geared to students of hispanic heritage. Write and tell us of others you know about!

The Power of Choice
Jan 9, 2004
Would you like to get your kids to willingly cooperate? Stop the daily battles? Teach your kids valuable life skills? If your answer is Yes! Yes! Yes! then read on...

Sex on Campus: Risky Business
Nov 7, 2003
Gary Gately, HealthDay Reporter for has posted a good article on how risky unprotected sex is. He quotes Dr. Michael Durel, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology at the Ochsner Clinic in Baton Rouge, La., saying the media is much to blame for this behavior. Dr. Durel tells us college kids think that, "If you're having fun, you got to have a beer in your hand and a babe in your arms; to have fun, you got to drink, you got to be sexually active." Do you think that's how college kids think?  Visit Website ]  Message board ] 

A New Vision for Learning as a Nation goes to College
Who are today’s college students? How has the role of higher education changed? Why, with more students than ever attending college, do employers find graduates underprepared for the workplace? How about civic responsibility and global understanding? What barriers stand in the way of doing better? What should college students actually be learning? These are some of the questions that the report from the Greater Expectations National Panel attempts to answer.

Tufts University's Nutrition Navigator
September 30, 2003
Tufts University's Nutritional Navigator: a guide to nutritional web sitesTufts Nutrition Navigator - Tufts University has "combed the oceans of nutrition-related sites on the web and filtered out the quack and junk. What's left is premium links you can use and trust, their rating guide to nutrition websites. We've added this URL to our CCF Parenting links.

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