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Contest #200910
As they approached the alley, Annabett shouted, "The trees; they're huge! I remember when my father planted them. Measured the distance between each hole by a piece of leather cord his master cut."

Alley Discovery
Contest #200910
As they approached the alley, their hearts pounded as strange hollow sounds of their footsteps reverberated through the alley.

A Steamed Dragon
Contest #200910
As they approached the alleyway, the kids discovered a dragon and its trainer having a conversation.

Highlights 2010 Fiction Contest
Many of the entries we receive for the CCF Online writing contest are of high caliber. We felt some of the entries would qualify for the Highlights 2010 Fiction Contest so we wrote Highlights asking whether they would accept entries that had been published to the CCF site and they said that, yes, they would.

The Shadows
Contest #200910
As they approached the alley, Margaret pulled out a knife while Emilie slipped her hand into her pocket, fingers wrapped around her own knife. They could both feel the thing shifting through the shadows.

Contest #200910
As they approached the alley Margaret and Darian smelled an old musty smell. They took a deep breath and stepped into the darkness, hoping they could finish what they started.

Contest #200910
As they approached the alley they heard aloud scream of terror. They rounded the corner and came across a handsome man trapped in a rat trap. The two girls freaked out, but knew they had to help. They grew closer to the man.

The Scream in the Alley
Contest #200910
As they approached the alley of the ghost town called Dead Dog, they heard a blood curdling laugh, followed by a scream of hatred. Then they saw it - a creature three feet tall with claws a foot long.

The Snow Fort
Contest #200910
As they approached the alley in the snow Sam said, "Let's build a snow fort."

Contest #200910
As they approached the alley a pungent smell made them dizzy. This was a different part of town and, except for the sky, everything was horrible, in ruins. They looked at each other and Ritesh was the more terrified one. Rohan looked in his eyes and was sorry for everything that was happening. Even though he was always the tough one, at this moment Rohan was feeling miserable.

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