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Charter School Defies Odds: Thurgood Marshall Academy in D.C.
By staff writer , 2010.09.20

Few things are more gratifying to us than seeing how one generation can help the next generation succeed.

On Aug 20, 2010, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools wrote: In recent weeks, three high-performing public charter schools were featured in local and national news. The Thurgood Marshall Academy in Washington, D.C., was profiled in a “CBS Evening News” segment titled “Charter School Defies Odds.” CBS news anchor Katie Couric told of the charter school’s 100 percent college-enrollment rate despite most students entering the high-school three or four years below grade-level. A full-time alumni coordinator tracks the students’ progress even after graduating, providing emergency grants to students who may need the extra funds in college.

For additional news and information on charter schools, visit the Washington Charter School Resource Center website. 40 out of our 50 states have charter school laws. Washington state is one of the 10 that does not. WCSRC's stated mission is "to improve the quality of education for all children in the state of Washington." Their website compiles news and editorials on the subject at both their state and the national stage.

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