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Holiday Favorites
What is your favorite holiday book or tradition?
By staff writer, Send your submission to CCF!

Tell us your favorite holiday books & traditions!Each year, during the holiday season, we ask site visitors to send us their favorite books and traditions we can post to the CCF site. Click to see the list of favorites we've already received and use the submission form below to send us your own that we can add to the list.

Favorite Holiday Books & Traditions

Fill out this form and submit it to CCF. We will edit for length and let you know when your submission is posted to the CCF site. You can then tell us if any other changes are needed. Thanks for contributing to the list!

1. Book:
2. Why: Why is this book a favorite?
3. Tradition: What is your favorite holiday tradition?
4. Your name:
5. City:
6. State:
7. Email:
 8. Byline:

A description of yourself we can post alongside your favorites. Include a website URL if you have one and also a jpg photo we could post alongside your quote. If an author, include publication credits. If a student, include name of your school & have your parents fill out the rest of this form:


(If you are under 18 years of age this part of the form needs to be filled out by your parent or guardian before you submit it to CCF. Also know we'll post students' first name only, plus the information you give us in your byline)
12. First Name:
13. Last Name:
14. Email:
16. Parents' consent: My child has my permission to send his/her book review to Children Come First to be posted to the CCF site.

 Submit this form to send your review to CCF.

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Note: When we post these articles to the CCF site we add a note at the end of the page letting kids and their parents know they can check the book out from their school or public library. We also link the title to online sellers where they can be obtained at a good discount. Purchases made this way do not add to what you'd pay to get the title but CCF does receive a small percentage of the price of sale back so it helps our operating expenses. Let us know if you'd rather we didn't link the title to online sellers. You can add your note to us under the "Byline" box above. Thanks for sending your favorite title & tradition in!

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