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Run the Great Wall Marathon with Christine!
By staff writer, 2013.02.07

Children Come First (CCF) is proud to sponsor Christine Gary as she runs marathons for charity on all seven continents. There’s a phrase in marathon running called “hitting the wall.” It’s when the body’s energy stores are depleted around mile 20 with 6 miles to go on an empty tank. For Christine’s next marathon, she’ll be hitting the wall in more ways than one. She’ll push past energy exhaustion and hit the wall, while ON the wall. The Great Wall of China.

Over the course of the winding 26.2 mile course, she’ll climb 5,164 steps of odd heights and uneven widths. Beyond training for this feat, and holding a day job as a Public Relations Senior Account Executive, Christine is a CCF intern. She has written for the CCF website under various topics related to health and fitness. In addition, she is currently scheming a revamp for the site’s look and feel (stay tuned). .

Great Wall of China marathonFor each marathon Christine runs, she picks a charity for which to raise funds. For the Great Wall of China marathon on May 18th, 2013, she is raising funds for ScriptEd NYC. CCF’s purpose is to enrich children’s education and work with groups organized for similar purposes. This makes ScriptEd NYC a “no-brainer” for a like-minded charity of choice. Through their free after-school classes, tech-industry professionals volunteer to teach computer programming to underserved high-schoolers; “empowering the next generation to be more than just consumers of technology -- to be creators of technology.”

You can donate to Christine's journey today. No amount is too small. Your donation, big or small, is tax-deductible. And 100% of your donation will go towards ScriptEd NYC. Please pitch in, today!


You can run the Great Wall Marathon with Christine!!!

She'll write the name of every donor on the shirt she'll be wearing while she runs the Great Wall Marathon on May 18th, 2013! Your tax-deductible donation will help Christine run this marathon & raise funds for ScriptEd NYC.

We appreciate any amount you can donate. No amount is too small. Click one of the donations buttons below and your credit card donation will be processed via PayPal. Click the "Other" button to donate an amount other than the ones listed below.

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