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The real zoo behind the movie "We Bought a Zoo"
By , 2013.01.02

Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a zoo? Well, if you have seen the movie "We Bought a Zoo" starring Matt Damon then that gives you an idea of what it would be like. It's a wonderful movie and the best part is that it is based on a true story! It is the story of how the Mee family in England bought a zoo, renovated it, and still runs it.  The name of the zoo is the Dartmoor Zoo.

Visit the Dartmoor Zoo's website where you'll read that the zoo is "Set in 33 acres of beautiful woodland with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Dartmoor Zoo is a unique, family owned zoo with a fantastic collection of animals including the widest variety of big cats in the south west of England."

Watch the following video to hear Dartmoor Zoo's lions and tigers "talking" and an explanation of what the difference is between their way of communicating.

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