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2008 Winning Contest Entries
by staff writer, 2009-05-26
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Listed below are the 2008 winning contest entries. Check out the RULES and submit your entry using the current entry form.

Contest #200812:  "Jess looked up at the night sky so full of stars..."
  • A Lonely Night, Anindita Bhadra, Bangalore, India
  • A Second with the Stars, Albert H., Kapitangan, Philippines 
  • An Astronaut's Wish: Traveling in Space, Rhyanna S. DeTuathana, Corvallis, OR
  • Back to the City, Ric Hardson, Burns, OR
  • Checkpoint, Mary Ellen Davis, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Not Just an American Dream, Fahlon Murdaugh, Summerville, SC
  • Perspective, Paul Michael Murphy, Holt, MI
  • Promise in the Stars, Dawn Compton, Bellville, TX
  • Something Better Than A Wish, Shawndasia C., McKees Rocks, PA
  • The Ache, Kevin Bobrow, Nicholasville, KY
  • The Burdens We Bear, Matthew Jones, Clarence, NY
  • The Cry For Love, Raja Rajan, Trichy, Tamilnadu, India

    Contest #200811:
      "For Thanksgiving this year..."
  • A Seventh Guest, Daphne Rice, Portland, OR
  • A Unique Thanksgiving Prayer, Mary Vela, San Antonio, TX
  • Emily and Sue's Thanksgiving Plan, Leticia S., Irvington, NJ
  • Father's Accident, Rodeliza P. Lacaba, Pasay City, Philippines
  • Going Somewhere, Jennifer K. Lader, Bethlehem, PA
  • New Home for the Holidays, Rhyanna S. DeTuathana, Corvallis, OR
  • Old Friends, Dianthe Kim Carson, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Santa's Thanksgiving Gift, Rhyanna S. DeTuathana, Corvallis, OR
  • Stuffin' Nonsense, Ric Hardson, Burns, OR
  • Thanksgiving, Katelyn S., St. Peters, MO.
  • The Thanksgiving Turkey, Kristiana L., Lemoore, CA
  • What Vegetarian? Teresa Allen, Albuquerque, NM

    Contest #200810:  "It was a dark and stormy night..."
  • A Bolt from the Blue, Daphne Rice, Portland, OR
  • Bloodsworth, Teresa Allen, Albuquerque, NM 
  • Brave Kim, Diana E.G., Cairo, Egypt
  • Halloween Creatures, Rebecca B., Shelbyville, IN
  • Halloween's Death Goes Walking, Rhyanna S. DeTuathana, Corvallis, OR
  • My First Date, James Kelley, Warwick, RI
  • Scared of Funders, Daniel Taylor, Corinth, MS
  • Smell of Incense, John Neeley, College Station, TX
  • Stormy Surprise, Dawn Compton, Bellville, TX
  • The Foreboding Forest, Martha Ramirez, Modesto, CA
  • The Golden Chest, Malisa R., Sicklerville, NJ
  • The Stormy Night of Revenge, Brian D., New York, NY
  • The Turtle Crossing, Brooke H., Tallahassee, FL
  • Truth or Dare, Juliet R., Staten Island, NY
    Contest #200809:  "On the way to grandma's house..."
    [This first line submitted by Rhyanna DeTuathana]
  • Chronicles of Dunkan Black, Daniel Blair, Estill Springs, TN
  • Fairytale Ending, Violet Weeks, Pulaski, TN
  • Gracie's Revenge, Rhyanna DeTuathana, Corvallis, OR
  • Kidnapped, Tyler E., Lindon, UT
  • My Favorite Place, Teresa Allen, Albuquerque, NM
  • Surprise!, Brian D., New York, NY
  • The Covered Bridge to Grandma's House, Rhyanna DeTuathana, Corvallis, OR
  • Two Paths, Paul Michael Murphy, Holt, MI
  • Who Stole Grandma's Ice Cream?, Mary Vela, San Antonio, TX 
    Contest #200808:  "Waving frantically at the street car..."
    [This first line submitted by Rhyanna DeTuathana]
  • San Francisco street carA Bright Spot, Ric Hardson, Burns, OR
  • Anna's Lesson, Teresa Allen, Albuquerque, NM
  • Desperate to Escape, Matthew Shuemake, Longmont, CO
  • End of the Line, James Kelly, Manitou Springs, CO
  • Evergreen Station, Daphne Rice, Portland, OR
  • Last Chance, Jordan D., Plano, TX
  • My First Day at Work, Rebecca B., Shelbyville, IN
  • Run Away Car, M.J. Prado, Essex, MD
  • The Ghostly Street Car, Rhyanna DeTuathana, Corvallis, OR
  • The Superintendent of Second Avenue, Angela T. Pisaturo, Tarpon Springs, FL
  • The Thief, Orlina Finch, Cleveland, OH
  • Wharf Rats, Adrienne Saldivar, San Diego, CA

    Contest #200807:  "With fingerprint in hand..."
    [July 27, 1858 was the first time fingerprinting was used as a means of identification,]
  • magnifying glass looking at a fingerprintConflict of Interest, Uttara Talapatra, Mumbai, India
  • Cupcake Poker, Ric Hardson, Burns, OR
  • Darkness, Sarah V., Castailia, NC
  • Grateful, Charles Yedinak, Colorado Springs, CO
  • In Ruined Solitude, Sharon C., Allentown, PA
  • Junior Dragoneers, Rhyanna S. DeTuathana, Corvallis, OR
  • Match Found, Kelsey W., Bunbury, Australia
  • The Culprit, Catherine Hobson, Hill City, MN
  • The Culprit, Clara Mok Jiak Hoong, Singapore
  • The Right Choice, Teresa Allen, Albuquerque, NM
  • Thumbprints, Jordan D., Plano, TX
  • Who Done It?, Cynthia Becker, Pueblo, CO

    Contest #200806:  "He smelled something burning..."
    [This first line submitted by Albert H.]
  • fireman with a water hose putting out a fireA Burnt Offering, Daphne Rice, Portland, OR
  • A Dinner Surprise, Emma K.
  • A Smoky Sneeze, Suzannah Hayes, Columbia, SC
  • A Special Gift, Catherine Hobson, Hill City
  • Burning Evidence, Nicholas Lee, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Don't Be Alarmed, Ric Hardson, Burns, OR
  • Geeze Laweeze, Ron Heimbecher (aka Goblet), Thornton, CO
  • Jake's Barbeque, Rhyanna S. DeTuathana, Corvallis, OR
  • Mesmerized, M.J. Prado, Essex, MD
  • Mom's Lasagna, Paul Michael Murphy, Holt, MI
  • The Diner on the Corner, Pam Tanzei, Las Vegas, NV
  • The Hot Hero, Deb Hockenberry, Altoona, PA
  • Precious Visits, Stephanie Hanouw, Aurora, CO
  • Trapped, Cynthia Becker, Pueblo, CO
  • Wildfire, Adrienne Saldivar, San Diego, CA

    Contest #200805:  "Kyle was sitting in his wheelchair..."
    [This first line submitted by Velma Compton]
  • A Surprising Birthday, Adrienne Saldivar, San Diego, CA
  • A Trip to the West, Albert H., Bulacan, Philippines
  • A Wish For You, Carolyn Ann Aish, New Zealand
  • Behold! The Wolverines!, Daphne Rice, Portland, OR
  • Carpe Diem!, G. Olmari, Plainfield, NJ
  • Extraordinary Me!, Destiny McNeil, Grand Rapids, MN
  • Four Legged Help, Dawn Compton, Bellville, TX
  • Kyle Gets a Big Surprise, Rhyanna S. DeTuathana, Corvallis, OR
  • Kyle's Rugby Dream, Clara Jiak Hoong Mok, Singapore
  • Kyle's Surprise, Deb Hockenberry, Altoona, PA
  • Life is Precious!, Jaspreet D., Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  • Lost Life, Lina A., Amman, Jordan
  • Lucky's Lick, Mary Vela, San Antonio, TX
  • No More Pity, Ann Malaspina, Ridgewood, NJ
  • Rain, Alison U., Ft. Collins, CO
  • Rainy Day Rainbows, Shari Marshall, Canada  
  • Realization for Kyle!, Amanda Hall, Montezuma, GA
  • Second Chances, Suzannah Hayes, Columbia, SC
  • Self Pity, Catherine Hobson, Hill City, MN
  • Teddy Bear, Amanda Isabel R., Baguio City, Philippines
  • The Knock on the Door, Gay Anderson, Mancelona, MI 
  • Thinking Back, Robin M., Port Hope, Ontario  
    Contest #200804:  "She took one of the mysterious seeds and tossed it..."  
    [This first line submitted by Stephanie Hanouw]
  • A Lesson Learned, Cathy Hobson, Hill City, MN
  • A Queen's Fortune, Ann Malaspina, Ridgewood, NJ
  • A Seed of Faith, Racheal Hearst, Hermann, MO
  • A Shady Spot in the Yard, Suzannah Hayes, Columbia, SC
  • A Staircase to my Beloved, Arlene Bania, Philippines
  • Be Careful What You Eat, Stacy Mozer, Stamford, CT
  • Bird Seed, Gretchen Lancour, San Francisco, CA
  • Buggy Eaters, Hannah B., Riverside, CT
  • Comfort Food, Julie Hartman, Magnolia, TX
  • Cosmic Cooking, Adrienne Saldivar, San Diego, CA
  • How Can I Fly? , Emily H., Fountain Hills, AZ
  • In Her Hands, Susan HerrHoyman, Madison, WI
  • Lady Violet, Mary Witzl, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
  • Mysterious Plant, Sophia Y., Fountain Hills, AZ
  • People Seeds?, Abigail H., Aurora, CO
  • Sara's Little Plant, Sierra E., Fountain Hills, AZ
  • Seagrapes, Daphne Rice, Portland, OR
  • Seed of Love, Stephanie Hanouw, Aurora, CO
  • Seed of the Ninth Day, Albert H., Bulacan, Philippines
  • Seeds, Kathy O'Lear, Slidell, LA
  • Seeds of a Dream, Ashley Lofthouse, Colorado Springs, CO
  • She Thought It Was a Seed, Ginna C., Ottawa, IL
  • Stop It!, Jiak Hoong Clara Mok, Singapore
  • The Missing Seeds, Amber Entzminger, Rancho Mirage, CA
  • The Mysterious Seed, Philip G., Riverside, CT
  • The Origins of Jack's Gold, Alex C., Oxford, UK
  • The Seed, K.D.D., Riverside, CT
  • The Value of a Seed, Mary Vela, San Antonio, TX
  • The Wager, Paul Michael Murphy, Holt, MI

    Contest #200803:
      "For St. Patrick's Day this year..."
  • A Change of Luck, Diana Murray, Bronx, NY
  • A Little Bit Irish, Daphne Rice, Portland, OR
  • A New Friend, David Isham, Avondale, AZ
  • An Irish Toast, Cynthia Becker, Pueblo, CO
  • Green Dawn, Dan B-W., Godalming, Surrey, UK
  • How to Find a Pot of Gold, Diana Murray, The Bronx, NY
  • Luckless Leprechaun, Matt Hopkins, Corona, CA
  • Missy's Clover, Paige Walton, Canyon Lake, TX
  • My Four Leaf Clover, Katina Woodruff, Newark, OH
  • Saint Patrick's Day Mix Up, Rob Ramirez Thompson, Chantilly, VA
  • Saint Patrick's Day Princess, Chloe A., Yakima, WA
  • The Reluctant Leprechaun, Suzannah Hayes, Columbia, SC
  • The Wearing of the Green, Patricia McFadden, Paonia, CO
  • Tom the Leprechaun, Mary B., Oswego, NY
  • Under Fiona's Rainbow, Elaine Hanna, Indianapolis, IN

    Contest #200802:  "Cupid was at it again..."
  • A Love-struck Boy and a Catty Girl, Carolyn Ann Aish, New Zealand
  • A Special Valentine, Christine Smith, Modesto, CA
  • Bucky and Elmer-Elmira, Janice Black, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Cupid Undone, by Greta Browne, Bethlehem, PA
  • Cupid Was At It Again, Alice Marks, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Cupid's Arrow, Lisa Anne Peter, Henderson, TN
  • Cupid's Kiss, Paige Walton, Canyon Lake, TX
  • Cupid's Mistake, Abigail H., Aurora, CO
  • Evil Cupid, Kaiynat M., Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  • Field of Dreams, Diane Hoover, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Lost in Love, Albert H., Kapitangan, Bulacan, Philippines
  • No Place For Me, Paul Weber, Missoula, MT
  • Somethin' Magical in Red Hair, Ron Heimbecher (aka: Ron Chalice), Thornton, CO
  • Stupid Cupid, Stephanie Hanouw, Aurora, CO
  • The Cupid, Madison L., Austin, TX
  • That Darn Cupid, Haley J., Plover, WI
  • The Love of Cupid, Lisa Noe, Wallins, KY
  • The Perfect Match, Marine Yanikian-Sutton, Los Angeles, CA
  • Where's Cupid?, Cynthia Becker, Pueblo, CO
    Contest #200801:  "National Nothing Day finally arrived..."
  • A "Nothing Day" for Every Day, Carolyn Ann Aish, New Zealand
  • And I Survived, Lisa Anne Peter, Henderson, TN
  • Bless Her Poor Soul, Meghna K., Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Completely Forgotten, Zayd M., Dumbarton, United Kingdom
  • I Can Do Nothing When I Die!, Martha Lancaster, Colo. Spgs., CO
  • National Nothing Day...HELP!, Carolyn S., Highland Park, IL
  • Not Always Nothing, Albert H., Bulacan, Philippines
  • Nothing Day Celebration, Cynthia Becker, Pueblo, CO
  • Nothing Day's Nightmare, Qinglin C., San Francisco, CA
  • Nothing for Simon, Elaine Hanna, Indianapolis, IN
  • Nothing to Wear, Ceil Boyles, Parker, CO
  • Something After All, Carol Van Deusen, Avon, CT
  • The Cause, Heidi Schulz, Columbia, MD
  • The Great Festival, Greta Browne, Bethlehem, PA
  • What a Day!!!, Kaiynat M., Glascow, Scotland, UK.

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