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Help us build our links pages. Send us the links you use and recommend that relate to categories on our website, i.e., writing, parenting, authors, education, etc. Along with your recommendations send us a link back to your website and/or blog and we'll add it to the suggested links you send us.

CCF Bulletin 8:1
Volume 8, Issue 1
In this issue: President Barack Obama's talk to students, a look at Writer's Digest epic conversation with Stephen King and Jerry Jenkins, an update on CCF's online writing contests, a free 411 number and beautiful animated eCards that come with great customer service, reviews of a book and a song CCF considers top picks, and the announcement of my acceptance into the NLAPW.

CCF Bulletin 7:2
Volume 7, Issue 2
In this issue: A person making a difference in the lives of kids with learning disabilities, the NY Times 25 most provocative questions in science, Highlights for Children current needs, an online event registration tool, understanding teenage boys via Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman's comic strip ZITS, a pedometer you can count on and a "must watch" commencement address by J.K. Rowling.

RegOnline: Online Event Registration
If you sign up thru our site, RegOnline will donate a referral fee to CCF.
For years we've served as Registrar to other organizations. Using spreadsheets to keep registrations straight was time consuming and cumbersome. As we researched online event registration companies we decided that, for the money, RegOnline was the way to go.

CCF Bulletin 7:1
Volume 7, Issue 1
In this issue: Current and past CCF winning contest entries, book reviews, a list of good books on writing, a listserv for children's book writers and illustrators and a website that allows you to feel both smart and charitable at the same time.

CCF Affiliates
If you sign up thru our site, these companies will donate a referral fee to CCF
Children Come First has established affiliate relations with companies we've either worked with ourselves or think CCF visitors would be interested in their products. If you access any of these companies via the links on the CCF web pages and end up buying anything from them, these companies will send CCF a referral fee. In a very real sense you'll be supporting the work of CCF by using the services or buying the products of the companies we've listed below. We would love to hear from you on whether you liked or didn't like doing business with any of them.

CCF Bulletin 6:5
Volume 6, Issue 5
In this issue: Holiday favorite books & traditions, book reviews by junior and high school students, RSS feeds available for the CCF site and Olgy's blog, guidelines on how to run a critique group, review of "Bella," the #1 top rated movie in the country, and a useful and free program to fight unwanted and unsolicited emails.

CCF Bulletin 6:4
Volume 6, Issue 4
In this issue: Writing entries on topics from summertime to tigers; a House Subcommittee's vote that could end books for the blind and for children with learning disabilities; a list of good books on writing; a review of a funny and engaging YA title; a conversation with a teen on whether young people can get published; and an educator's response on how audiobooks may help children.

CCF Bulletin 6:3
Volume 6, Issue 3
In this issue: Writing entries on topics from Memorial and Earth Day to nutrition and spiders; an update on Barrington Irving, the youngest person ever to fly solo around the globe; Musings on Memorial Day from an Army mom; an invitation to watch an upcoming Lifetime original movie addressing ageism within the writing field; a look at how audiobooks may help children; and a link to the company where CCF gets the animations it uses on the CCF site.

CCF Bulletin 6:2
Volume 6, Issue 2
"sale" animated gifAn 80% off book sale in Colorado Springs; an online writing contest for kids of all ages; news on ground-breaking research on dyslexia; how to write so you get good reviews; an educator's response to the controversy surrounding this year's Newbery winner; book reviews of best seller titles; how to support a runner in this year's Boston Marathon and fund medical research at the same time; and new CCF affiliates.

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CCF Links
CCF Bulletin 8:1
Barack Obama: We are what we learn
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Holiday Favorites
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