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CCF Bulletin 6:2
by Olgy Gary, Volume 6, Issue 2
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An 80% off book sale in Colorado Springs; an online writing contest for kids of all ages; news on ground-breaking research on dyslexia; how to write so you get good reviews; an educator's response to the controversy surrounding this year's Newbery winner; book reviews of best seller titles; how to support a runner in this year's Boston Marathon and fund medical research at the same time; and new CCF affiliates. Here's the CCF Bulletin with news and information posted to the CCF site:


  • 4Sale:
    • "sale" animated gifOverstock 80% off book sale - We're liquidating our overstock book inventory. Selling it at an 80% discount. Books are heavy so shipping is not feasible unless you're willing to pay for the shipping cost. But if you live in close enough to Colorado Springs, CO, and can pick up your order, then you can save 80% on sales over $100.
  • Contests
    • bird typing at a computerCCF Writer: An online writing contest - An online writing contest for both published and yet-to-be-published writers of all ages. You must use the "first line" we provide to write your story. Next deadline is March 10th and the "first line" is all about spiders!
    • CCF Writer: Online contest entries - Visit the CCF Contest Entries page to read past winning entries.
  • News:
    • Linnea HendricksonThe "Lucky" Controversy: An educator's response - Few Newbery winners make such a splash in the national media as the 2007 winner has. In this article, Linnea Hendrickson responds to the controversy surrounding the use of the word "scrotum" in The Higher Power of Lucky. In so doing, she answers the one question we had, whether the use of the word in question was intentional, designed to raise the publicity the book has now garnered.
  • Literacy
    • Breaking Down Barriers - "Tufts literacy expert Maryanne Wolf has pioneered ground-breaking research that has led to advances in dyslexia testing and treatment." 
  • Writing
    • How to write so you get good reviews - Rick Roche gives a link to an online booklet on "How to write good reviews" that we feel would help authors with their writing. Not that we're putting the cart before the horse nor letting techniques get in the way of the story but, all things being equal, why not sit on the other side of the road and understand what it is reviewers are looking for when reading your book? 
  • Reviews
    • The Secret, a book by Rhonda ByrneThe Secret is a book by Rhonda Byrne that came across our desk and, just on looks alone, it's a title that should sell. The publisher took care to design the cover and page layout in such exquisite detail you actually feel like you're holding a precious secret in your hands. It's available from at a discount. 
    • Ultraprevention: Get healthy for life - Two physicians unveil a revolutionary, accessible, science-based, patient-centered program for living an active, age-defying, disease-free life in their book, Ultraprevention: The 6-Week Plan That Will Make You Healthy for Life, now available in paperback.
    • 2007 Newbery Medal Winner, "The Higher Power of Lucky" by Susan PatronThe Higher Power of Lucky - Maia Cheli-Colando has written a perceptive review of this year's Newbery Medal winner. "From what I had heard, I expected to respect the story, and most likely to enjoy it...What I didn't expect was to be inspired, charmed and revolutionized by the story."
  • Bestsellers:
  • Blog:
    • Christine Gary, Tufts University cheerleader & marathoner in the 2007 President's Marathon ChallengeGot Marathons On My Mind - Probably because it's my one and only running the Boston Marathon this time around! Visit her site and read the "In Bacow we trust" blog she posted. There's something to be said about working as a team rather than going at it alone. You can sponsor Christine and receive a tax deductible receipt from Tufts University.
  • Donations: We've added three vendors to those CCF is already affiliated with. If you go to these vendors' site from the links in the CCF site and purchase anything from them, they will donate a referral fee back to CCF.
    • DreamTemplate: Premium Website Templates -CCF offers web design services. Oftentimes it's more cost effective to select an already designed template for your site than it is to design one from scratch.
    • Swanson Health Products - For a while now I've been looking for the best place to buy nutritional supplements that are high in quality and low in price. I think I just may have found such place in Swanson Health Products.
    • eVitamins - It's a bit of a toss up as to whether we like Swanson or eVitamins best. Each offers items the other one doesn't. One thing we just discovered at the eVitamins site is the great recipes it lists, all of which include nutritional information.

REVISIT OLD FRIENDS: Some of our favorite articles posted over the years.

  • Great Book of Amber - The Great Book of Amber by Roger Zelazny is, for fantasy lovers, a book to be treasured. In this one volume you get the complete Amber Chronicles, 1-10. These 1258 pages of absolutely exquisite storytelling transports the reader to the wondrous world of Amber...the one true world! Masterfully told...Zelazny at his best! 
  • coverUnderachieving Students: How Parents Can Help - Stephanie Dunnewind, Seattle Times staff reporter, writes a helpful article on the subject of underachieving students. Your child is one of many teachers are working with at school whereas for you he's your "one and only." There is a lot parents can do to help their children reach their potential but, as the article points out, it is a balancing act.

Thank you for subscribing to the CCF Bulletin. Make the CCF site your own! Keep sending us your favorite links, news items, book reviews and questions we can design polls for. It's great to hear from our visitors and post their input to the CCF site. Also, let us know if you notice links that are not working. Let's keep the CCF site free of link rot

All for now,

Olgy Gary, M.A., CCF's General Manager
Children Come First...because they're our greatest treasure!

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