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CCF Bulletin 3:2
by Olgy Gary, Volume 3, Issue 2
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From writing workshops to future thinking seminars, from amazingly beautiful and magical rainbow makers to links to bestselling titles listed at in many different categories, we've added quite a bit of information to the CCF site in the past few months. Besides the online CCF Store, CCF is also to be found at, eBay, and If you access through the links at the CCF site then a portion of your purchase price does come back to CCF. Here's the CCF Bulletin with news and information recently posted to the CCF site:


  • Bestsellers: Direct links from CCF to's bestselling titles in categories such as:
  • CCF Top Picks:
    • Rainbow Maker - Every once in a while we discover something trully magical...and these solar powered rainbow makers are just that! Every single person who's bought one from CCF has been delighted with it. We carry them through our CCF online store or you may want to purchase it from CCF on eBay, where we often bundle them in quantities of two or more to make them a bit cheaper. 
  • CCF Kids:
    • Spirit Lands on Mars - isn't that amazing? That we've got a robot car driving all over Mars? We've got links on this article to NASA's information on Spirit's progress.
    • The House of the Scorpion - Ceeno44 [screen name] is a high school sophmore and submitted quite an insightful review of this Newbery Honor title.
    • Do you want to be a CCF Reporter? - We're looking for boys and girls, 1st thru 12th grade, to post book reviews to the CCF site. Pass this URL along to librarians, teachers, parents and kids that would be interested in it.
  • Award Winners:
  • Parenting:

    • The Power of Choice - Would you like to get your kids to willingly cooperate? Stop the daily battles? Teach your kids valuable life skills? If your answer is Yes! Yes! Yes! then Elizabeth Pantley's book might just be for you!
  • Workshops:
    • PPWC 2004 - The Pikes Peak Writers Conference took place April 23-25, 2004. As in years past, this was an outstanding event!
  • Futures:
    • Future-Proof Your Organization - Discover how to get ahead of the curve through this unique six-hour futures workshop that Jay Gary is offering in 2004. The workshop applies to organizations, whether religious or secular.
    • Cyber Rabbi to Speak on Third Exodus - On Tuesday, July 20th, 2004, at 7 pm, Rabbi Dr. Moshe Dror from southern Israel will be speaking to the Pikes Peak Chapter of the World Future Society on, "The Third Exodus: A Cyber Rabbi's Vision." An offering will taken for the speaker's travel expenses but the meeting is free and open to the public.
    • The Army of the Future - This fascinating program was hosted by the World Future Society in Colorado Springs. You can subscribe to the WFS-CS mailing list to be notified of upcoming events.
  • Weight Loss Info:
  • Web Services:

Make the CCF site your own! Keep sending us your favorite links, news items, book reviews and questions we can design polls for. It's great to hear from our visitors and post their input to the CCF site. Also, let us know if you notice links that are not working. Let's keep the CCF site free of link rot!  :-)

All for now,

Olgy Gary, M.A., CCF's General Manager
Children Come First...because they're our greatest treasure!

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