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CCF Bulletin 4:3
by Olgy Gary, Volume 4, Issue 3
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The RMC-SCBWI Fall Conference, October 8-9, 2005, in Golden, Colorado, is just around the corner. There's still time for you to register and partake of this tremendous learning experience. We've posted fun sites under CCF Kids, from how to design printable greeting cards to reading all about the original fairy tales The Brothers Grimm collected. Here's the CCF Bulletin with news and information recently posted to the CCF site:


  • CCF Kids
    • Visit Storey Clayton's site and take the Book Quiz!The Book Quiz - Are you The Hobbit or The Dictionary? Or are you Watership Down? That's what you'll discover when you take The Book Quiz and, depending on what answers you give, it'll tell you just who you are.
    • Let's rewrite "the Star-Money" story! - We'd like to carry on with this wonderful idea National Geographic had and let you post your version of "the Star-Money" to the CCF message boards.
    • Grimms Brothers @ National Geographic - a wonderful site for children to explore Grimm's Fairy Tales. Be warned, though, when The Brothers Grimm first collected these fairy tales they were not the sweet, soothing tales you may have read. National Geographic's interactive site on Grimm's Fairy Tales
    • MyCardMaker - Looking for free printable cards? Mycardmaker is a free online program you can use to do just that. You can also email the card if you want to. Have fun!
  • Workshops:
    • RMC-SCBWI Fall Conference, Golden Colorado, October 2005RMC-SCBWI Fall Conference - October 8-9, 2005. Presented by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. The list of featured speakers coming to this year's event is noteworthy.
  • Book Reviews:
    • Wintering Well by author Lea Wait, is a story that'll encourage children of all ages to face life's obstacles and move beyond them.
  • CCF Top Picks: Click to enlarge
    • Rainbow Maker: Magical Show! Beautiful Gift - This is a maintenance free little gizmo that'll delight both kids and their parents on an ongoing basis. Most everyone who buys one of there precious double rainbow makers from us comes back to buy more!
  • Bestsellers:

  • Olgy's Blogs: Read the blogs and share your comments!
    • SPEAK - I'd love to hear from anyone who's read the book or watched the movie. Did you like it? What are your thoughts?
    • Ignore or embrace the political barbs TOCCI includes in this animation. Truth is we can't afford the gasoline!I can't afford my gasoline - Whether I ignore or embrace the political barbs TOCCI includes in his animation, the truth is I can't afford my gasoline.
    • Self-Published Titles That Made It Big - I'd love to compile a list of books that became best sellers but started out as self-published titles. Were "The Christmas Box" and "Time Stops For No Mouse" originally self-published titles? What's the story behind those two? I'd love to hear what others know about these and other such books.
    • MyDiet4Life - I'm going to build a set of resources and make them a part of the "MyDiet4Life" program that's helping me get healthier. I'd love to hear what's working and not working for you. Blog your ideas alongside mine.
  • News:
  • About CCF:
    • Donations - CCF is a nonprofit educational corporation. Your tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated. We've also listed companies we endorse and whose products we use. If you sign up through the CCF site, these companies will donate a referral fee to CCF.
    • Services - Another way you can support the work of CCF is by allowing us to design, host and/or maintain your website.

REVISIT OLD FRIENDS: View some of our favorite articles posted over the years.

  • Can you believe it?!? There rally are more stars than all the grains of sand in the world!More stars than grains of sand in the world - "There are more stars in the sky than all the grains of sand on every beach and in every desert on earth, according to an Australian National University astronomer who has made the most accurate calculation of star numbers to date."
  • Would you like to see a woolly mammoth? - Scientists in Japan hope they can bring it back to life. Read the article and take our poll. Let us know what you think of this idea. 
  • Underachieving Students: How can Parents Help? - "The most frustrating group of underachievers are the bright kids who are disappointing — disappointing their parents, their teachers and themselves." Read about some resources that can help.

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All for now,

Olgy Gary, M.A., CCF's General Manager
Children Come First...because they're our greatest treasure!

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