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CCF Bulletin 5:1
by Olgy Gary, Volume 5, Issue 1
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"Websites, Blogs, and Platform Building" by Olgy GaryThe past few months have been busy ones. I attended two excellent writers conferences, the Pikes Peak Writers Conference and the RMC-SCBWI Spring Workshop where I taught a session on, "Websites, Blogs, and Platform Building." The teaching was well received and I've been asked by our regional coordinator to schedule another session sometime this year.   

We're always looking for students interested in submitting news items and/or their writing to the site. Even though this link takes you to a kid-friendly submission form, PLEASE KNOW you don't have to be a kid to submit! Though we want to encourage students to submit their writing, we have published and yet-to-be-published writers sending in their material. We also have motivational speakers, educators, journalists and others who visit our site and then send us material we can share with the CCF audience. When we post their writings we include their byline and link back to their sites.

Here's the June 2006 CCF Bulletin with news and information recently posted to the CCF site:


  • Tibbetts
    ' POV - We've begun listing informative writing-related articles by Peggy Tibbetts on the CCF site. We'll be listing more in the next few weeks.  Tibbetts is the author of the children's novel The Road to Weird, as well as the adult novel Rumors of War. She was managing editor and columnist at She has also worked as an associate producer of educational videos for Upper Midwest Films, contributing editor for Children's Magic Window magazine, and Children's Writing Resource Editor at
  • Authors
  • CCF Youth
    • Dangers of Posting Private Info on Facebook
      - Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of, was interviewed Saturday evening on the NBC Nightly News. "Facebook was meant as a place to share personal information but now it could affect students' future." The information Rothberg shares applies to MySpace and any other online service where students could inadvertedly be leaving a trail of digital dirt for others to find.
    • Motivational speaker Doc CunninghamPep Talk: Just Do It! - Douette 'Doc' Cunningham, author of Becoming Layoff Proof, shares with youth what to do on those days when you'd want to procrastinate because an activity is easier said than done.
  • Awards:
  • Writing
    • Ten Tips on How to Build a Platform
      - When Marcela Landres was an editor at Simon & Schuster, she was, "repeatedly astonished at how counterintuitive the publishing business can be. For instance, most people logically assume that agents and editors are seeking good writers. Sadly, writing talent is, at best, of secondary importance." In this article she shares the importance of platform building for both published and yet-to-be-published writers.
  • Book Reviews:
    • A Tale of Two Cities - Paige, a junior high student from Colorado Springs, reviews this title for CCF. In her own words, "A Tale of Two Cities is a spectacular story about pride, honor, revenge, and redemption. This book is recomended to people 11 years and older." 
    • Rainbow Editing, by Dawn Smit MillerRainbow Editing -  Introducing Rainbow Editing by Dawn Smit, a colorful new weapon in the war against sloppy writing and the eternal editing cycle. Whether it's for the fourth draft, fourteenth draft, or fortieth draft, Rainbow EditingTM helps writers find the unintentional patterns that bog down even the best writing.
  • CCF Top Picks: Click to enlarge
    • Rainbow Maker: Magical Show! Beautiful Gift - Still our absolute best seller. This is a maintenance free little gizmo that'll delight both kids and their parents on an ongoing basis. Most everyone who buys one of there precious double rainbow makers from us comes back to buy more!
  • Bestsellers:
    • - First there were websites, ezines, newsgroups, listserves, blogs and now there's, a place where not just teens but also authors, librarians, publishers, and agents are setting up camp. Visit Olgy's space on and see how it's not just for teens but for professionals in their various fields to network with each other.

REVISIT OLD FRIENDS: Some of our favorite articles posted over the years.

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All for now,

Olgy Gary, M.A., CCF's General Manager
Children Come First...because they're our greatest treasure!


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