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"Sissi: Forever My Love"
by Olgy Gary, A CCF Recommended Product
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cover Sissi - Forever my Love is available from Click on the image or the movie title and you'll be taken to where you can purchase it.

This is the most beautiful movie I've ever seen. If I could own only one movie this would be it. The most marvelous thing for me is that it is finally actually available for purchase. I've been searching for it for the past 40 years...ever since movies first began coming out in video format for the general public to purchase.

I first watched this movie as a little girl in Cuba. I remember going to the theatre and watching this most amazing real life Cinderella story on the big screen. The movie shaped my life. It allowed me to feel that I too could dream impossible dreams and reach them. I've always, from my earliest years, believed in and loved reading fairy tales. Sissi is a real live fairy tale. It's the beautiful account of the powerful drama of love and courage of Princess Elizabeth (Sissi) of Bavaria and her prince charming, Austrian Archduke Franz Joseph.

Sissi was "the people's empress." She lived in the country, loved the simple life, loved animals, horses, was not pretencious. It's that aliveness, that free spirit in her that the prince falls in love with. This movie has so much to offer. It's such a priceless gem! I can so wax eloquent for I don't believe it'll let you down. It's got romance, drama, life's a family movie, a chick-flick, a couples' movie. As you walk with Sissi through the various stages in her life you love and embrace her and, by so doing, you love and embrace life itself. The power of Sissi is that she's you...all women long to be Sissi...and all of us, in our own way, can and should aspire to the greatest and loftiest ideals that Sissi did in her lifetime. Regardless of your actual life situation, this movie will empower you to release the hidden "Sissi" in you.

This is a condensed version of the original German language 3-part "Sissi" series produced on one VHS tape. It's dubbed in English but has the original stars: Romy Schneider, Karlheinz Boehm, and Magda Schneider.


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