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Wait for it...
by Christine Gary, Boston Marathoner 2007, Wed Apr 18 22:51:26 MDT 2007
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  This is a follow-up blog by Christine Gary. [Click to read original article]

Christine Gary, Tufts University cheerleader & marathoner in the 2007 President's Marathon Challenge

the onset of crippling soreness that is. I'm expecting it any moment now, but it has yet to come. Unbelievable. I guess this is the only time I can say that I don't mind being stood up. *badoom tsss* hah. lame. sorry.

Moving on, I FINISHED THE BOSTON MARATHON!!!!!!! It went far more smoothly than I could have ever hoped for. I never felt I couldn't finish. I never felt 'who am I to be attempting this' --a thought that religiously haunted my practice runs.

I never 'hit the wall' as runners say. Which is when they feel like Jumbo has opted to elect you as his personal piggy back-er person dude. (Jumbo's our elephant mascot for all non-Tufts readers). I used only two energy GUs...I downed like 4 of them in a half marathon once, haha. Not a single side cramp. I didn't even listen to music. Take into account that I have NEVER run without my ipod before. But iunno, Monday I had it strapped to my arm but never bothered to turn it on because the crowds were so entertaining and the experience was so, well, eventful. Plus I ran with my friend Edita and we talked a bit here and there.

The weather was perfectly and ideally suited to my running preference. It was overcast, cool, and fresh, but the rain held off. Amazing considering that from 6 am to 10:30 am it was like you had stepped out of the plotline for Noah's ark.

I want to say thanks to:
***Jonathan Bush for driving me to get my number last minute (a subject for future blogs). Suffice to say that he is henceforth to be referred to as Christine's savior. Jesus will just have to share the title and deal.
***Erica, my cousin, she ran the last four miles with me. That was such a huge comfort for me to know that she would be waiting for me come mile 22. It almost made it feel like the marathon was only 22 miles because in my head, that was my make it to Erica, not to the finish line, haha. Then she ran alongside me, (or slightly ahead which was good 'cause it pushed me to go faster), constantly encouraged the crowd to cheer for me, offered to hold my phone, gave me great insight as to what to expect around each corner and how many hills were left etc etc. Then after crossing the finish line she was a total life saver again. She made sure I had plenty of water, allowed me to sit down while she took care of getting my stuff and herding together my somewhat misplaced family members, lol. She carried my bags. Just an angel. And she did all this last minute! I asked her to run with me like the day before! So, big thanks to her!!!
***Thank you to my mamasita for flying out from Colorado to be with me the weekend before and the day of the race. Thank you to Aunt Fun for driving up to see me. Thank you to Barbara and Erica for spending time with me as well. The four of them were my personal cheering squad during the race. Or should I say the twelve of them, as they managed to triple themselves and relocate so that I passed them thrice. haha.
***Thank you to everyone who sent a prayer or two on behalf of all marathon runners regarding the weather. The forecast made it sound like they were expecting a monsoon, but it couldn't have turned out better.
***Thanks to Edita. I got to know her very well this year and had the privelege of running beside her for, I'd say a good 80% of the race. I loved it.
***Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey. Emotionally, spiritually, monetarily, physically with their presence....thanks to those who shared their words of wisdom and experience, to those who tracked me online the day of...It sounds cliché but it really touched me to know that so many ppl well, cared. You all are amazing. And then some.

As for the question of would I do it again? I don't know if any future marathon can top this one. Nor do I know if I'd want to even try. I'd consider it if i were given the opportunity to train with a team again. I don't see myself doing it solo tho. I really liked the comraderie and community and support that came with the team. Who knows. I'll be in Egypt next year tho...and they do happen to have a marathon there...the London one looks mighty delicious too.

well, all for now, thanks for reading, as always!

Update: Christine Gary ran the 111th Boston Marathon as part of the Tufts University Marathon Challenge on April 16, 2007. After we posted this article Gary wrote several follow-up blogs:
  • In Bacow We Trust, 02.18.2007
  • I have never wanted to be Janet more in my life, 03.20.2007
  • Care to elaborate on your proceedings there Body?, 04.04.07
  • Wait for it..., 04.18.07
  • A letter from the President, 04.23.07
  • Track Christine's official time by using her bib number 21099]


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