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Facts about the phrase, "It was a dark and stormy night"

Poll Expired: December 31, 2013 Total Votes: 73

Snoopy was the first to use the immortal line in his book by that title
78% - (57 Votes) NO. Snoopy's creator did not come up with this phrase.
15% - (11 Votes) YES. Snoopy rocks! I can see him doing something like that.
6.8% - (5 Votes) Not sure.

The British Council uses the phrase in a language learning exercise
42.4% - (31 Votes) YES. They've come up with a great writing exercise!
30.1% - (22 Votes) I don't know who the British Council is.
27.3% - (20 Votes) NO. No one would use such a phrase in language learning

The phrase was used by NASA to describe the night the planet Mars was near its closest approach to Earth in almost 60,000 years
50.6% - (37 Votes) NO. NASA has better things to do than use lame phrases to describe their work.
32.8% - (24 Votes) YES! An actual photo of the night sky led NASA to write about it and use the phrase!
16.4% - (12 Votes) Hhhmmmm. Don't know.

The phrase comes from a 1930 novel and is the beginning of one of the best opening sentence of any novel in the English language
43.8% - (32 Votes) NO. You've got your dates and description all wrong!
39.7% - (29 Votes) YES. Absolutely true!
16.4% - (12 Votes) Don't know. Maybe I'll read about it after I take this survey.

The phrase has inspired an international writing contest where participants try to submit the worst opening sentences to imaginary novels
71.2% - (52 Votes) YES. It's an annual writing contest that many writers participate in.
19.1% - (14 Votes) NO. Why would anyone waste their time doing this?
9.5% - (7 Votes) I don't know of any such writing contest.

The phrase was inspired by the many books and activities surrounding the celebration of Halloween
64.3% - (47 Votes) NO. The phrase was not inspired by anything related to Halloween.
17.8% - (13 Votes) YES. I can see how that would happen.
17.8% - (13 Votes) Maybe, but I 'm not sure.

The phrase is the first line in a 1963 Newbery Award book
51.5% - (33 Votes) YES. That's true. It's the first line in a well known children's book.
35.9% - (23 Votes) NO. Are you kidding me?
12.5% - (8 Votes) I wouldn't know about that.

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