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Highlights for Children Current Needs
by staff writer, Winter 2008-2009
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logo of Highlights for Children MagazineHighlights for Children invites authors to submit their writing for publication. Editors from HIGHLIGHTS have specific requests for material. Current needs in both fiction and nonfiction categories are listed on their website and updated regularly. The most current announcement received from them is copied below. Please check the Highlights website itself for up-to-date submissions information and guidelines. 

As always, familiarize yourself with the magazine before you submit to them. Your local school or public library should have back issues you can read through. You may also want to subscribe to receive the magazine yourself. For about $0.08 a day, or $0.58 a week, you'll have a monthly prompt coming to your mailbox. As you read each newly arrived issue you'll be reminded that you can submit your writing to this prestigious publishing venue. [Subscribe to Highlights Magazine HERE].

Dear Author,

Every few months, we compile a list of our current needs to share with prospective authors. Below, you will find a detailed description of the types of features we are currently seeking. You may also find these updates at Follow the "About Us" link to "Contributor Guidelines," and you will see "Current Needs" listed in the right-hand column.

Thank you for your interest in Highlights. Happy writing!

The Highlights Editors

HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN -- Current Needs -- Winter 2008-2009

Nonfiction for Younger Readers (Ages 4 to 8) up to 500 words, Joëlle Dujardin, Associate Editor
All articles should have a clear focus and relevance to young kids.

  • First-person accounts of fieldwork
  • Photo essays
  • Arts stories
  • Ancient history
  • High-interest animals
  • Details from urban life (workers, transportation, etc.)
  • Nature

Science, 800 words (two-page features), 400 words (one-page features), 50 words (activities) Andy Boyles, Science Editor

  • Features about kids involved in science
  • Scientists studying high-interest animals in their natural habitats
  • Short, quick, easy, fun science activities

History/World Cultures, up to 800 words, Carolyn Yoder, Senior Editor

  • Fun, humorous, kid-friendly articles
  • Presidential (NOT Washington and Lincoln) and patriotic pieces
  • Need anecdotal articles, rather than broad interviews
  • American holidays, specifically Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, and little-known holidays
  • World-cultures pieces. ALL COUNTRIES. We want intimate snapshots of life in another country.

One-page Activities of all kinds, up to 300 words, Linda Rose, Assistant Editor

  • Indoor and outdoor games that involve exercise, creativity, and/or humor
  • Activities and games that kids can do whether they're on their own or with others
  • Projects that will result in a new hobby or skill and/or a quality finished product
  • Magic tricks

We prefer activities that require neither parental supervision nor materials kids aren't likely to have handy.

Short Puzzles, Games, Recipes, and Activities, Manuscript Submissions

  • Art activities
  • World-cultures activities
  • History and geography puzzles
  • Logic puzzles
  • Math puzzles
  • Codes

Any activities that easily lend themselves to strong visuals are a huge plus!

Crafts, Manuscript Submissions

  • World-cultures crafts (general or holiday-specific)
  • Crafts that encourage play (musical instruments, costumes, etc.)
  • Games
  • Gifts
  • Crafts for all holidays except Valentine's Day

Please send a photo or sample of the craft.

Send magazine submissions to
Highlights for Children
803 Church Street
Honesdale, PA 18431


Puzzlemania, our puzzle book club for children ages 6—10, is in need of word puzzles—crosswords, word searches, logic puzzles, word scrambles, and codes. For detailed submissions guidelines, visit Go to About Us/Contributor Guidelines/Puzzles. Send puzzle submissions to


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