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The Hot Hero
by Deb Hockenberry, Contest #200806
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He smelled something burning at three o’clock in the morning.  Joe jumped out of bed to see what was happening.  The house next door was on fire.  Joe woke his little brother, up.  Acrid smelling smoke was coming through the open windows.

“Hmmmmmm?”  Billy mumbled.

Wake up.  The Millers’ house is on fire!”  Joe ran to wake his parents up.  He had fire safety day at his school during the week.  Joe ran into his parent’s room and shook them.

“Joe what’s wrong?” asked Mom.  “Are you sick?”

“Get up,” he replied.  “The Millers’ house is on fire.  We have to get out!”

“Gloria, get the baby.  I’ll make sure the boys get out,” Dad ordered.  “Joe, call 9-1-1.”

The red flames ate up Mr. Millers’ house.  They tasted Joe’s house too.

“I’m glad no-one was home at the Millers’,” said Mom.

A fireman walked up to Joe. “Young man, where did you learn that?”

“We had a fire safety day at my school,” Joe answered.  “The fireman who was there said that if there’s a fire close to you get out and call 9-1-1.”

The fireman studied Joe for a few minutes and then said,  “You are a hero!”

Deb Hockenberry [Altoona, PA] enjoys several things.  Right on top of the list is writing for children.  She shares an apartment with her cat, Sasha.

© 2008 Deb Hockenberry. Original for CCF (Hockenberry grants CCF first electronic rights for one month; CCF may archive the material indefinitely and include it in an eBook anthology).


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