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Great activities for children from
by staff writer, 05.12.07
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'animatedWhen we discover what we consider to be great resources parents, teachers and educators can use to build into children's lives the love of learning we like to share them with CCF site visitors. is one such resource and Zack Johnston is the educator who's put it together.

We received a friend's invite from Zack Johnston at the page we maintain and loved visiting his profile so we accepted him as a friend. Johnston earned a Sociology degree from Eastern Michigan University and is currently the Director of a Before-and-Afterschool Program at Farrand Elementary School in Michigan.

animated gif of a box with idea cards coming into itJohnston created, "because of all the budget cuts happening in the school district I work in, as well as the entire state of Michigan. I wanted to show people that there are cheap and fun ways to keep the classroom exciting and I also wanted to show support to all the people in the education field who spend their own money on projects and things for their class." He shares his passion for helping "people in the education field come up with new ideas to keep their classroom settings fun & exciting" and is doing so by posting his many ideas to his  website. The result is, a place on cyberspace for parents and educators to find simple, to carry out, cost effective and workable activity ideas to use in their classrooms or at home.

Moms would love and treasure receiving a "picture wallet" from their kids. It's something kids can do on their own with little (the using of scissors part) or no supervision (the taping, inserting photos part). The site also lists online places you can purchase various supplies if need be.

Visit and use the CCF contact form to let us know what you think. Any notes sent to CCF regarding will be forwarded to Johnston.


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