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Pa'lante, by Willy Chirino: English translation
by staff writer, Visit for a write up on "Pa'lante"

This is the English translation of Willy Chirino's wonderful new song titled "Pa'lante." Visit my blog where I talk about what an inspiring and energizing song this is!

When everything turns out to be hard. When hope is gone
When your life turns into night, it’s cloudy and it seems
That the sun does not want to shine
Turn it around and look at it differently. And think that all can change
All the strength that you need, you have inside your soul
It's there you'll find it.


Move on, move on. Walk (keep walking, keep going). Don’t ever stop moving.
Move on, move on. With strength all can be accomplished
Lift you head high and happily look at the future because something good will come
Move on, move on. Walk (keep walking, keep going). Don't let anything stop you
Move on, move on. With strength, that is how it'll become reality
The dream you're looking for, that life promise of love and happiness

Verse 2

Enough with those who spread gloom and doom. Enough of those who push us back
There are so many good people in the world, that it would only take a second
To erase all the bad
That's why hope doesn't die. That's why faith has no end
(“Que va” means sort of “forget it, no way!” It’s what we would say to someone who’s saying something we don’t agree with. In Spanish we say, “que va!” meaning “no way!)
Because when love is deep, true, real, It is permanent and fruitful
And is unstoppable


And the person who doesn't dance it's because they don't feel like it, don't want to

No one can stop me because I'm moving on
Be encouraged and come with me now, come here, because there's a whole/new world ahead of us
No one can stop me. I'm moving on I'm going forth
Because if I can count with your support, with that I have enough (to keep going)

This bus (referring to ourselves) doesn't go back. Backwards it doesn't go
Lift up your sights and get on board with me
No way! backwards I don’t go
Listen to what I'm saying my friend
No way! backwards I don’t go
No way! Forget it! I’m only moving/going forward,
No way! backwards I don’t go
When the people have their liberty
Backwards? Forget it! Backwards we don't go




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"Pa'lante" (Move on) by Willy Chirino
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