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"Pa'lante" (Move on) by Willy Chirino
There's an inherent power in music to lift our soul out of the mire of daily living and unto a place where we can begin to see things more clear. That power is intensified when the lyrics, the words carried along by the rhythm, are words of life, of hope, of encouragement. This is what I found in Willy Chirino's single, "Pa'lante."

Highlights 2008 Fiction Contest
PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to submit to the Highlights 2008 Fiction Contest is past. Authors who want to submit their writing to Highlights for Children may check the Highlights for Children Current Needs article. If you'd like to keep up with news and information posted to the CCF site, subscribe to our free electronic bulletin.

Rainbow Maker: Magical Show! Beautiful Gift
A CCF Recommended Product
We've discovered and are now sell at the CCF Store one of the most magical little gadgets we've come across in a long time: the Solar Powered Rainbow Maker!

Happy Halloween from Children Come First
October 2007
gif image standing next to a jack-o-lantern and a halloween trick-or-treat bag depicting the month of OctoberOctober's writing contest has come and gone. You can read the entries we received and, because CCF's online writing contest is ongoing, you can check for this month's first line and participate.

CCF Writing Contest: All About Tigers!
09.24.07 is sponsoring an online writing contest and, because September is Save the Tiger month, the theme of CCF's Online Writing Contest is all about tigers!

Children Come First launches Cuban eStore
October 20, 2006
image of Cuban flag wavingColorado Springs, CO – September 22, 2006 –Children Come First is pleased to host Olgy's Cuban eStore on its site, as part of their ongoing affiliate association with For every purchase you make, gives a referral fee to Children Come First, a nonprofit educational corporation.

Life Is So Good
June 22, 2006
image of Life Is So Good book cover"What makes a happy person, a happy life? In this remarkable book, George Dawson, a 101-year-old man who learned to read when he was 98, reflects on the philosophy he learned from his father--a belief that "life is so good"--as he offers valuable lessons in living and a fresh, firsthand view of America during the 20th century." [from inside flap copy of George Dawson's book, Life Is So Good].

Babel Fish lets CCF speak many languages
Machine translation available for the CCF stie in 8 languages!
Babel Fish Translation
We've added Alta Vista's Babel Fish to the CCF site. Using this software, visitors can produce a machine translation, into eight different languages, of the English text on our site. Click on one of the eight banners shown in the Babel Fish box/logo found on the article pages and you'll get a translation of the CCF site in that particular language. It'll give you the general meaning of the English text.

Rainbow Editing Workshop
March 12, 2006
Colorado Springs, CO – March 11, 2006 – Whether it's for the fourth draft, fourteenth draft, or fortieth draft, Rainbow Editing™, scheduled for March 18, 2006, can help writers find the patterns that bog down their writing.

All Things Einstein
July 10, 2005
"This year marks the 100th Anniversary of when Albert Einstein formulized his famous theory E=mc2. Celebrate the accomplishments of Time magazine’s 'Man of the Century,' by reading these detailed books that highlight the Nobel Prize winner and brilliant physicist’s work and life." --INGRAM BOOK COMPANY

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"Pa'lante" (Move on) by Willy Chirino
Highlights 2008 Fiction Contest
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