Source: Children Come First

Alley Discovery
By Clara Mok Jiak Hoong, Contest #200910

As they approached the alley, their hearts pounded as strange hollow sounds of their footsteps reverberated through the alley.

"Wh...aa.t's that over there?" Mary said in a cracked voice, pointing at a figure lying in a pool of blood.

The children screamed and scurried away from the alley.

Later, after the police came to investigate, the children were told that it was only a mannequin they saw, placed face-down in the alley with a pail of red paint overturned over it.

"Yikes! I am bound to have nightmares!" said Mary.


Clara Mok [Singapore] is an SCBWI member in Singapore. Mok loves writing and children, so she marries her two loves in children's fiction.

2009 Kathy R. Original for CCF. Charlsa H. grants CCF first electronic rights for one month; CCF may archive the material indefinitely and include it in an eBook anthology.

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