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Art Geeks and Prom Queens
By Niki Burnham, June 24, 2006

Have you ever read a book so fantastic that when your brain absorbed the last word and you closed the cover, you could hardly breathe because it was just that good? Because it completely transported you, and you believed the characters were so real that you were walking through their lives and feeling every emotion as powerfully as if their experiences were your own?

It's two a.m., and I just finished that book. It's called Art Geeks and Prom Queens. It's by Alyson NoŽl. Any description I might give won't do it justice. I'm just staring at my computer screen, knowing that I should have gone to bed hours ago, but I can't sleep. I've been transported.

Just. That. Good.

Niki Burnham, authorNiki Burnham is an author originally from Colorado. She currently lives in Massachusetts, where she also writes romance novels as her alter ego, Nicole Burnham. Nicole (as opposed to Niki) has her cyberspace home at © 1998-2008 Children Come First. All rights reserved.

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