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By Olgy Gary, BIW helps you get your writing done!

Have you heard of the book-in-a-week group? I'm thinking there probably are several around but I wanted to let you know about the one I belong to and how much it helps me with the various writing projects I'm working on.

Book-in-a-week (BIW) describes itself as "writers connected through an online community through LMS Learning Management System--or Moodle. The main purpose of the group is to write, but we also exchange information, publishing news and kudos. Anything writing related."  The group's motto is BIC HOK TAM (butt-in-chair; hands-on-keyboard; typing-away-madly). This really is the best way to get writing done.

They have one week a month where they carry out the BIW challenge, where you tell them ahead of time how many pages you want to write in a week and then you report your daily output back to the BIW moderator. This, of course, entails locking your internal editor in the closet while you write as much as you can.

In preparation for each BIW I thoroughly outline the writing project I am working on at the time and when Monday comes around I take off writing. By Sunday night I have written a good number of new pages and, at 250 words per page, a good week's work.

I find the members, and especially the moderator, to be supportive. The energy shared by their posts is quite contageous. As I see folks posting the number of pages they are getting done, from 1 to 200+, in the middle of everything else they needed to attend to, my excuses for not spending time on writing evaporate and I ride the BIW train alongside them. 

Writers in the group are at all different levels so regardless of where you are in your writing journey you'll fit right in. Visit their website and join them at the next BIW challenge!

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