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CCF Book Club: 2005
By book club moderator, 2005

The CCF Book Club selects titles in different categories. No purchase is necessary to join either as an individual or as a group. If you choose to buy the books thru us, CCF has linked the book titles to where many of these titles are available at a discount. Email the CCF Book Club department to indicate which book discussion you want to participate in. A private listserve is set up for book club members only.

  • Writing: Move your writing abilities a notch higher.
    Techniques of the Selling Writer --The reviews that come alongside this title speak for themselves. In our extensive library of "how to" books on writing Dwight Swain's title is tops. Thorough, methodical, easy to read and understand, the book walks both seasoned and beginner writers thru the maze of the craft of writing and demystifies it all. An excellent resourse to come back to time and time again. This is a must read title if you not only want to write fiction...but want to write fiction that sells! Buy a good highlighter when you get this book as you'll find yourself underlining page after page from the tremendous wealth of information it contains.
  • Ages 9-12 Selection
    Time Stops for No Mouse: A Hermux Tantamoq Adventure.  The discussion on this title is open to all but we would specially like to hear from young people who will read it and comment on it. We found this to be a fun and engaging tale of adventure, spy capers and a tiny bit of romance thrown in. The author, in particular, gets a 5-star rating from us for his marketing savy. Originally self-published, it earned the author a 7-figure income when the title was recently bought by a major publishing house. CCF will post top three book reviews received from kids 12 and under.
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