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Walk Two Moons
By Rachel, CCF Reporter, 11.15.02

"I could tell you an extensively strange story"

Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech, is a fantastic and marvelous novel. I truly recommend it. It is written by the author Sharon Creech, who has also written other award winning novels. Walk Two Moons won an award in 1995 for Excellence in Young Adult Literature. This book is an easy to read. It is filled with colorful characters that make you feel you are part of the story as well as emotions that run rapid when reading the book.

Sal's mother disappears and is not seen or heard from. The last time she wrote was when she was in Idaho. Idaho is where Sal, Gram, and Gramps are headed. They plan to reach Sal's mother by her birthday. On their way, Sal starts to tell the story to her grandparents about Phoebe Winterbottem and Phoebe's missing mother. She told them that one-day a stranger showed up at Phoebe's door. He asked for Phoebe's mother. Phoebe became suspicious. The next day Phoebe's mother was GONE! Her mother had left a note: "I had to go away. I can't explain."

After a long drive, Sal, Grams, and Gramps reach Idaho. What they find is not what they were expecting.

Rachel, [Bogota, Columbia] is a 12 year old aspiring writer who currently lives in Bogot Colombia with her family. She has traveled to many countries in the past 8 years and has lived in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. She would love to someday write about her experiences overseas.


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