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CCF Online Writers' Group
By staff writer, New members welcomed!

 Write CCF if you'd like to join the CCF online critique group or have CCF sponsor your on-site writing group. 

A key component in our growth as writers is joining and participating in a critique group. Ideally, the group should hold a balance between being supportive of its members and holding them accountable to the individual writing goals that each member has set for themselves. This is what we aim to do through the critique groups CCF sponsors. Contact CCF Groups for information on how to join the CCF online writing group or to have CCF sponsor an on-site one in your area.

The CCF Online Writers Critique Group meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. The group will remain open to new members until further notice. 

  • Who: The group is for adults. It is not for young adults or children. Contact CCF if you're a child or young adult and would like to participate in a group of your peers.
  • What: A writers critique group for both published and yet-to-be-published children, fiction, and nonfiction writers (all genres).
  • When: 7 to 9pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings of every month.
  • Where: Online, at a virtual workspace set up for the group.
  • Cost: $24/calendar year membership fee and a commitment to participate are required. If you meet your own writing goals for the year you get your money back. If you do not, then the pot is divided amongst the members who meet their goals. Annual dues must be paid by the first meeting of the calendar year.
  • REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP: We require group members to be able to work online, use Microsoft Word's track change feature, post their writing goals, write on a regular basis, and attend regularly scheduled critique group meetings. Whenever possible, we encourage members who live in close proximity to each other to get together a few times during the year.  Members who fail to meet group requirements will be asked to take a leave of absence from the group and will not get back their annual dues.
    • Work online: Members need to be able to access the internet, receive/send emails, and use Microsoft Word's track changes feature in order to participate.
    • Post goals: Members post their writing goals by or before the first meeting of the calendar year. They are able to add/delete from the list throughout the first half of the year. After July 1st the goals cannot be changed.
    • Write: Submit at least one page of either new writing or newly edited writing by or before the 7pm deadline on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. 
    • Critique: Group members are to spend no more than 2 hours per meeting critiquing the various manuscripts that were submitted for each particular meeting. The critiqued manuscripts should be sent back to the list by or before end of day Friday following the Wednesday meeting. Members should alert the list if they're running late in getting the critiques back to them. 
    • Participation: A total of 4 hours per month is the time required of each group member. If you're not able to critique on any 1st or 3rd Wednesday of a given month you need to:
      • inform the group ahead of time,
      • do not submit your own writing to be critiqued. Only members participating in any given meeting can submit their writing to be critiqued. 
    • Optional but encouraged:
      • On-site social gatherings: Members who live in close proximity of each other are encouraged to schedule times to meet in addition to the regularly scheduled online critique times. These meetings are optional and are meant to be fun, social times for group members to interact with each other face to face. Dinner or movie nights would be fun to have. The group can also meet for writing projects, etc.
      • Read-a-thon: Group members living in close proximity of each other are also encouraged to hold a Read-a-thon once a year. This is an overnight stay where members bring sleeping bags, food, and snacks usually to one of the member's home. Group members come prepared to read and critique manuscripts straight through for a day and a half, with just enough time in there for a little sleep at night. It's a good way to read longer manuscripts from start to finish, rather than a section at a time which is all that our bi-monthly online meetings allow.

For more information: CCF Writers' Group Gidelines


If you would like to join the CCF online writing group or would like CCF to sponsor your on-site writers' group, drop us a note via our Online contact form.

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