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The Science Is In: Elephants Are Even Smarter Than We Realized
elephant raising its trunkFerris Jabr, writing for Scientific American, describes the wonderful "aha moment" a seven year old elephant named Kandula had in 2010. Kandula's home is at the National Zoo in Washington DC. Click here to read how Jabr describes Kandula's moment and also to watch Kandula show how smart elephants really are.

Synchronization of 32 metronomes
Click to watch a 4 min. video where you can see 32 out of sync metronomes start to sync with each other. Fascinating, isn't it? Jor, at ScienceDump wrote, "As each metronome comes to a stop & reverses direction at the top of it’s swing, it transfers energy to the platform. This energy transfers through the platform to each of the other metronomes..."
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Tutankhamun's Fireball (BBC Documentary)
Click to watch a 49 min. BBC documentary on Tutankhamun. writes that, "In 1996 in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Italian mineralogist Vincenzo de Michele spotted an unusual yellow-green gem in the middle of one of Tutankhamun's necklaces. The jewel was tested and found to be glass, but intriguingly it is older than the earliest Egyptian civilisation."

Supernova Erupts in Nearby Galaxy
Lucas Laursen and Nature magazine write: "Last night, light from a new supernova reached astronomers on Earth. Its origin: the nearby galaxy M82, some 3.5 megaparsecs away (11.4 million light years). It is one of the closest and brightest supernovae seen from Earth since a monster exploded in 1987 just 168,000 light years away. Astronomers say that the latest supernova is of the type 1a class, and may help reveal how such supernovae form. Moreover, because these supernovae are used as cosmic measuring sticks, understanding them better may help clarify the shape of the Universe..."
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How far away is the Moon?
Phil Plait wrote a nice blog on how far the Earth is from the Moon, the Sun, and the nearest star. In his blog he points to a 1.5 min. video that shows, to scale, how far the Moon really is from the Earth.

The Joy of Stats with Professor Hans Rosling
Professor Hans Rosling enthusiastically starts off this one hour video lecture with, "Believe me! There's nothing boring about statistics! Especially today, when we can make the data SING!" This is an AWESOME and award-winning documentary on how statistics help us make sense of the world all around us. Enjoy!

Earth as Art
TheNASA Earth As Art collection features stunning images of Earth from five U.S. Earth-observing satellites. You can download the free NASA e-Book filled with beautiful images of the Earth as seen from space. An iPad App is also available.

Tasting the rainbow: ants multi-coloured abdomens show what they've been eating
Have you ever seen real ants with rainbow-colored abdomens? Mohamed Babu is a scientist living in Mysore, in South India, and he was able to make ants' abdomens turn different colors by feeding them different colored sugar drops. Click here to read the article written by a Daily Mail reporter in England. The article tells the whole story and has more pictures of the rainbow-colored ants.

Taking the Purrfect Drink is all Physics to a Cat
Have you ever wondered why is it that a dog slobbers all over the place when it takes a drink whereas a cat does not? Well, wonder no more! Scientists have watched countless slow motion videos of cats drinking and have come up with the answer as to why is it that cats can take their drinks in such dainty manner...and it all has to do with Physics!

Harvard Researchers Illuminate Connections Among Brain Cells in Technicolor
Have you ever thought of brains as being beautiful? As scientists work to understand the neuron connections in the brain, they figured out a way to have these connections show up in various colors: "In 2007, Harvard scientists figured out how to combine fluorescent proteins to create an entire color palette, and then used it to make mouse neurons glow so they could be traced through the brain. The “Brainbow” technique has helped scientists follow neurons’ connections, which had been almost impossible to untangle."  Visit Website ] 

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