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Donnelly presents 2020 Viewspaper
by staff writer, 12.09.02

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Gus Jaccaci as Jefferson
On Dec. 9th, sociologist Katie Donnelly reported to City Council members and our Mayor the results of the "Colorado Springs 2020: Our Town Our Future" civic program held at City Hall on Oct. 19th.

The centerpiece of Donnelly's report was a 33-page "ViewspaperŽ" containing both meeting and survey results from the fifty participants on Oct. 19th. The paper reports participants perceptions of our community's strengths and weakness as well as civic articles or action steps they supported to increase our quality of life.

Click here to download the full "ViewspaperŽ" report on citizen's views of our ideal future, a 500k .pdf file.

Click here to download Donnelly's slide presentation to Council, summarizing the 2020 meeting, a 200k .pdf file.

Click here to read the original follow-up story on the Oct. 19th meeting.

According to Donnelly the Colorado Springs 2020 sponsors, including the Center for the Study of Government and the Individual, would like to host another forum in this series next fall.

URL: http://www.childrencomefirst.com/springsfutures/2020donnelly.shtml

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