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Future Fluency for CEOs: Oct 15th
by staff writer, 09.14.03

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In our economy, navigating the turbulent waters of the future can be treacherous, especially for businesses. But with a good CEO as captain, a good first mate as, and lookout to scan, organizations can reach their goals.

On October 15th, 7 pm, Jay Gary, a Springs-based consultant and professor spoke at the East Library on "Future Fluency for CEOs." He shared his experience in leading foresight projects in corporate settings and what training team players need to chart the waters ahead.

The World Future Society in Colorado Springs is part of a national professional association of 30,000 futurists. Mr. Gary has been a regular speaker at their annual conferences since 1996.

Gary is president of PeakFutures, a leadership coaching firm, that specializes in helping CEOs navigate the "strategic foresight" process. He also teaches "Futures Research Methods" at the graduate level as an adjunct professor at Regent University.

URL: http://www.childrencomefirst.com/springsfutures/ceofutures.shtml

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