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About the World Future Society
by staff writer, 06.25.03

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We don't gaze at crystal balls

We don't read tea leaves, study ancient prophecy or even "predict" things. Futurists are scientists and scholars. We have our own methodology and terminology for exploring what futures might await society. Visit WFS at: http://www.wfs.org/
Our Chapters' purpose is:
  • To empower our members to enhance their personal and professional lives through futures insight.
  • To contribute to an awareness of the future, without advocating specific ideologies or engaging in partisan activity.
  • To faciliate communications among those in the private and public sector doing local and regional forecasts.
  • To contribute to the serious and responsible study of the future among our colleagues at the national level.
Monthly Meeting:
Throughout 2003 we met bimonthly for public programs. These meetings were free and open to the public and featured a variety of futures topics.

Usually once or twice a year we hosted a half-day course for a nominal charge, offering an overview of the futures study field, as it has developed the last 40 years.

Project Groups:
From time to time, project groups formed under our chapter for study purposes. Two years ago a "2030" project group was formed to study how the Pikes Peak region was planning its future and to consider how systems thinking and scenario forecasting might complement these efforts. The group then reported out at various monthly meetings, along with guest speakers.

Contac Information:
The World Future Society--Colorado Springs is organized as a department of Children Come First, a 501(c)3 educational corporation. Use the online contact form to reach us.
Website: http://www.childrencomefirst.com/futures.shtml

URL: http://www.childrencomefirst.com/springsfutures/fabout.shtml

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