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The Future of Freedom: Sept 10th
by staff writer, 08.06.03

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Book cover: The Future of Freedom
The Colorado Springs chapter of the World Future Society hosted a futures cafe book discussion September 10, 2003. The discussion was on Fareed Zakaria's The Future of Freedom.

  • When: September 10, 2003, Wednesday
  • Where: Colorado Springs East Library, Community Room, East Library, 5550 N. Union Blvd., 80918.
  • What: An interactive discussion within small groups on issues raised in the book The Future of Freedom
  • Format: Small discussion groups of 5-8 people. 

    If you haven't read Zakaria book, check out his writings online, particularly his "Dangers of Democracy" and "Illiberal Democracy" interview online, along with his features on subjects such as, "Why They Hate Us?" or "Why America Scares the World?" at: http://www.fareedzakaria.com/interviews/index.html

Publisher Marketing:

Democracy has reshaped politics, economics, and culture around the world. This provocative book asks, can you have too much of a good thing? Today we judge the value of every idea, institution, and individual by one test: is it popular? Or, more practically, do the majority of those polled like it? This transformation has affected not just politics but also business, law, culture, and even religion. Every institution and profession in society must democratize or die.

Democracy has gone from being a form of government to a way of life. Like any broad transformation, however, the trends that democracy unleashes are not uniformly benign. Democracy has its dark sides, yet to question it has been to provoke instant criticism that you are "out of sync" with the times. No more.

With an easy command of history, philosophy, and current affairs, Zakaria reinterprets our past and outlines our future. Woodrow Wilson said the challenge of the twentieth century was to make the world safe for democracy. This penetrating book challenges us to make democracy safe for the world.

URL: http://www.childrencomefirst.com/springsfutures/futurefreedom.shtml

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