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A Steamed Dragon
by Rhyanna DeTuathana, Contest #200910
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As they approached the alleyway, the kids discovered a dragon and its trainer having a conversation.

"Why should I be grounded? I can fly," said Felix, the dragon

"Flying is for aircrafts, and for animals who fly responsibly," said Josephine, his trainer. "You can't fly straight or land without causing extreme damage."

"I can fly. I fly  circles around those metal aircrafts!"

"You almost caused a crash today. You're grounded. Don't make me clip your wings."

Shocked by Josephine's ultimatum, Felix bellowed smoke and yelled, "You wouldn't dare!"

"Don't go there," said Josephine. "No one dares me and survives. Last time I grounded another dragon it was for over a month. You're grounded until you can prove that you're responsible."

"I'm responsible and careful," said Felix. Then, seeing the kids coming down the alleyway, Felix roared, "What'd you want?"

"Are you a real dragon?" asked Melina, holding tight to her older sister's hand.

"Yes I am. Why?" said Felix.

"Cool. Can you take us flying?" asked Melina and her sister in unison.

"No. He's grounded." said Josephine.

"Wow. I didn't know dragons got grounded too," said Melina.

"Yeah, we do." said Felix. "But only when we misbehave."


Rhyanna DeTuathana [Corvallis, OR] enjoys writing and sharing her stories.

2009 Rhyanna DeTuathana. Original for CCF. DeTuathana grants CCF first electronic rights for one month; CCF may archive the material indefinitely and include it in an eBook anthology.


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